About Abby

AbbyShields2Abby Shields is a dynamic, international speaker and author who brings passion, warmth, and knowledge to her presentations. Her charisma and content captures her audiences’ attention and brings about understanding that leads to action and change. Abby speaks on an array of relevant topics for today’s business and educational world that include matters of communication, self-sabotage, and interpersonal skills. Some of her clients include the Department of the Navy, Bell South Mobility, and the Social Security Department for the country of Belize.

Abby’s audience members have been quoted saying, “Abby’s programs are well-researched, fluid, hands on, educating, entertaining, human, soulful, gripping, and most meaningful.”  Yet, what makes Abby remarkably different is her unique ability to read and adapt to the needs of her audience. Through her gift of insight into the heart of an organization and its individuals, Abby is able to lead her audience to discoveries about themselves, their work, their group attitudes, and their own behavior in a way that encourages and inspires them to reach their full potential.  This exceptional ability has led many organizations to seek after Abby as a consultant on organizational climate, improved management methods, and strategies for increased productivity.

Along with her passion for speaking, she is the founder of No Heart Left Behind, a faith-based, family focused non-profit. She is also a columnist and the author of various magazine articles, the training program Directionality, and Little Bits of Wisdom – a book of tips for parents and kids on surviving the teenage years. Her work has led her to be named to Who’s Who of Professional Women and Who’s Who of American Educators. In 2013, she was one of eight finalists for Professional Women of St. Tammany’s, Woman of the Year. Abby is the loving wife to husband Kerry, mother of two children, Alicia and Stephen, and the proud grandmother of three grandsons, Jack, Jacob and Jude.