“Your skill as a speaker is impressive. You have the unique ability to ‘read’ your audience and adjust to satisfy their needs.”

Bob Larson, Field Representative
Minnesota Education Association

“Being a presenter myself, I have a tendency to be critical of other presenters, but you did an absolutely tremendous job. You exude so much positive energy, in addition to having a wealth of information.

Seminar Participant
Atlanta, GA


“It was truly uplifting, meaningful and inspiring. I highly recommend this session for any office…..”

D.A. Guichard, Assistant Director
Records Management Department
Department of the Navy


“The positive remarks and perfect score of 4.0 (4.0 max) says it all.”

Dino Paternostro
Vice President
Metropolitan Hospital Council of N.O

“Abby’s programs are well-researched, fluid, hands on, educating, entertaining, human, and soulful, gripping, and most meaningful. In our ‘high-tech’ society, I am happy to recommend Abby Shields and ‘Synergistic Living’ to anyone in search of a really powerful presentation.”

Susan Neal Pekios, MA
Educational Services
Southeast Missouri Hospital


“I found your program to meet our needs perfectly – it was entertaining, informative, motivational and appropriate for both employees and their guests.”

Jeffrey M. Wilson
Director, Sales
BellSouth Mobility


“We could not have asked for a better way to start the New Year. What a ‘prescription for success’ for the year and for our lives. Thank you for sharing your philosophy with us.”

Ginger Laurent
ASHRM President
First National Bank

Real Estate:

“(Abby) did her homework and truly understood what our organization is all about. She captured everyone’s attention and truly inspired each and everyone of us…I recommend her highly.”

Judy Palisis, LTG, RRC
Regional Vice President
Women’s Council of Realtors


“Your presentation was excellent and your main message was very meaningful. I will always remember the emphasis you placed on training and developing ourselves in the matters of the ‘heart’.”

Mark R. Malaison, C.P.M
President, New Orleans Chapter
National Association of Purchasing Mgmt

Audiences Say:

“I will make changes.  I enjoyed it!”

“Very insightful, a great tool for educational or managerial situations.”

“Good energy seminar.”

“Thanks for reminding me that it’s okay to be me.”

“Thank you for helping reaffirm my choice to make teaching my way of life”

“I can’t wait to go back and influence the hearts of my students!”

“I pledge to laugh more!”

“One of the best programs yet in my 14 years in this school district”